Online Courses

The University for Foreigners of Perugia offers online courses on the University’s web platform.
Qualified instructors/tutors continuously guide and monitor the students who learn in a social, collaborative manner building on their new skills together. The students have the advantage of being able to study when and where it is most convenient for them, even at different times throughout the day, and within their learning community.

Italian Language and Culture Courses

Online Italian language and culture classes are meant for e-learning Italian via a dedicated web platform.

The courses (beginner, intermediate and advanced) have a standard duration of thee months.

Every student is followed by an instructor/tutor along with a group composed of at most 35 students.

Help with using the platform is available at all times.

At the end of each course, students that have completed all the planned activities and passed a final exam are awarded a diploma.

Once the courses have ended, the platform will remain open to the students for 3 additional months.

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