2nd level advanced course [C2]


  • Have command of several varieties and registers of language both spoken and written
  • Express themselves accurately and fluently
  • Have good language skills and a sufficient metalinguistic competence
  • To be competent in describing the main aspects of the morphology and syntax of contemporary Italian
  • They must demonstrate their ability to apply the pragmatic and stylistic rules in both oral and


Access to the second level of the advanced course is allowed to those who:

  • Have attended a level I advanced course (C1) and passed te final exam or equivalent test
  • Have been assigned to the advanced course level II (C2), on the basis of an entry test
  • Are in possession of CELI 4 or equivalent certificate of knowledge of the Italian language issued by another institution and approved by the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

Weekly teaching hours

The course is divided into three basic language subjects and three complementary courses.


[C2] hours

Italian Language 9
Speaking and Writing Practice 6
Phonetics and Phonology of The Italian Language 3
Writing Laboratory -
Complementary Courses (*) 6/9
Total classroom hours per week 24/27